Or, Yokohama National University, the best place an English teacher could ever hope to land.  The staff is really great, the students are some of the best prepared in Japan (though maybe a bit sleepy at times), and man is the gakushoku a bargain!

The Friday team, a truly dedicated group.  
(Dedicated to coffee consumption.)

Alec and our high tech heating/humidification system.

A John Hammond quote, "Yes, I find solace in nature, the comfort of those I love, but never do I find true completeness of being, true harmony anywhere, leave here.  In the presence of my beloved high speed copier." 

Not the best view of the campus, but typical, I guess.

This recently remodeled bathroom exemplifies the university's dedication to it's student's and employees.

60 students in a language class a little crowded, heck no!  We still got some empty chairs!

Look at the concentration!

Fully absorbed in the subject, this must be another great Widerquist lesson!  (Or brown nosing?)

Ah, the gakushoku (cafeteria) get to know the students and hardly spend a dime on lunch!

How much for this ramen, shumai, rice and green tea?  400 yen!!!!  The best deal I've found in Japan!



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