These pictures are from a trip we took to Shimoda which is at the far southern tip of the Izu Peninsula.  The name of the beach is Iritahama, and we got to go there because of the excellent hospitality of our friends Chris and Annette.  We so totally dig them.  They have an apartment, called Driftwood, which sits front and center of the beach.  Hiromi and I were both amazed at the quality of the sand and the cleanliness of the water. It was super quiet and the views were spectacular.  Man did we have a great time.

This is the sunrise from just in front of the porch.


It wasn't crowed.

A few surfers.

These are the cool Laotian/French family.  They had it made, free pad for the week and an embassy car.

I need to work harder on my tan.

The water is clean.

View from the porch

The mermaid of ancient legend?

Hiromi explores a cave.

Tim finds balance.

Hiromi finds a rock.

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