What a happening city.  I've really put my mind to it.  I can't think of one city that saw more history in the 20th century than Shanghai, colonial outpost, world capital of sin, birthplace of the Chinese communism, Japanese invasion, communist victory, the cultural revolution, the vanguard of the new China.  And you can easily see bits and pieces of all this history in a walk of just a few blocks.  Wow!

A view of the colonial waterfront, the "Bund", from the Oriental Pearl Tower.


A view of the Oriental Pearl Tower from the Bund.

Karl rocks the Oriental Pearl.

Our hotel, the Pu Jaing, is the oldest western hotel in Shanghai.  It has a very vigilant cop also.

Tim Commiequist finally reaches the Mecca, the site of the first Chinese Communist National Congress.

Inside the hotel, can you believe you can stay in the deluxe suite for only $35 a night?

Our outstanding tour guides, Miss Lulu, Miss Wong, and Miss Cai, next to the great Dr. Sun Yat Sen.


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