It gets a little crowded here in Tokyo, so you have to get out.  Also, I haven't owned a car since I've been here.  That leads to occasional trips to the surrounding country side in a nice ride from Nippon Rental Car.  I was really surprised when I first called them that you can rent a completely adequate car for only about $50 a day.  And if you get a little one like I did, the gas isn't that bad.  Also surprising, you can find yourself surrounded by trees and streams after only an hour and a half drive.  The drive itself was also really nice, mostly on an wide uncrowded toll way, and then on an empty winding road.  It was cool.


    I don't think you can see make it out, but this is an            The stairway to ......  well, not heaven, but a nice place.
example of the government trying to achieve full 
employment by sending out four guys to mow this
massive field with weed eaters.  It was something to see.


This looks like erosion, but it is actually a missive seawall that has been put in around the 
reservoir.  The open hillside on the opposite shore is actually a grid work of cement.  You can just
they lay in cement and small bushes grow up in between the cement grid.

Don't forget that coffee, where ever you go.