Risen from the ashes of the most devastating explosion in the history of warfare Hiroshima is a vibrant, modern city.
I wish I had pictures from the Shukkei-en Garden, Hiroshima Jo Castle, Central Park, but I did what I could.  The pictures
are of our trip to Hiroshima and Kintai Kyo Bridge.  We also visited Miyajima Shrine on the same trip, but those pictures are on a separate page.

The Genbaku Dome was the epicenter of the Hiroshima Atomic blast.

The gang, our excellent leaders the Tamamas, Mom and Dad, Hiromi (check that hairdoo) and Tim.

Coming in style, via the bullet train.

Oh, did we eat well, but there are no chairs around this table,

Hiromi plays firechick.

Iwakuni is famous for it's good luck white snakes.  Our cabbie says I'm gonna be a rich man.

The Kintai Kyo bridge was built in 1673, without the use of nails.

Al and JoAnn Widerquist come prepared, two personal bags and the monster trunk for 
a four day trip to two cities.  They even brought tape in case they needed to do some last minute gift wrapping.