HALEY LIVES!  Widerquist.com is proud to deliver the first interview and pictures of Robert Haley ever presented on the internet!

Some things will never change.





Rob with the wall hanging I presented in exchange for this interview.  The hanging says, "Nana korobi ya oki."  English- "Seven times down, eight times up."

Sarah, Alisa, and Rob, three sixths of the happiest family in Palmdale.


  "Life has been like riding on the up escalator ever since I got married."

  "Some people might have thought I was some kind of wild party maniac in college......Maybe those people didn't party enough."

  "I have not.....  In fact I will not EVER hire Tony Marini."


Raising- Sam, Hanna, Sarah, Leiya (Sorry, I didn't get the spelling on the last one.)  Ages 1 to 7. 

Working- As the district superintendent / principal of a small K-8 public school district.

Studying toward-  Nothing.  Dr. Haley completed his EDD from the University of Southern California (please note the color of this table) last spring.

Living-  In a big, new Spanish style with a pool in the back yard and a skull taped to the garage window.

Driving-  Toyota Sequoia

Disabled by-  A degenerative membrane between the S and L vertebrae.

Coping with-  The rehabilitation process of an "Anterior fusing of the S and L vertebrae."  (They cut a piece of bone from his right thigh and attached it to two of Rob's lower vertebrae so that they will grow together.)  For now he spends most of the day in bed.  He is not able to bend at the waste and says he won't be back to normal, "For a long time."

Years since he was last intoxicated- 7


  From what I can tell our ol' boy Rob is kick'n ass.  He's got a great job and an excellent family, but more than that, he's happy.  I only talked to him for a couple of hours, 'cause his back is all messed up.  But, that was enough to confirm all of my best assumptions.  He's grown up and making as much of his family and career as he can, but somehow he hasn't compromised the bold personality we knew at NPC.  
  Rob's somebody we can be proud of.