The Fujiya Hotel Hakkone.

The Fujiya is just a great place.  It was built in 1885 as a resort for foreigners interested in viewing Mt. Fuji and visiting hot springs.  They still offer a discount to non-Japanese to keep the international feel.  

50s Poster
Flower Palace
Main Entrance
Wall Carving
Sun Room
Meeting Room
One of Many Reading Rooms
The Bar Victoria
The Building We Stayed In
Our Room
The View From Our Room
The Dining Room
The Green Houses
Ice on the Mill Wheel
The Ofuro
A Previous Owner and Mustache Enthusiast
Distinguished Visitors- Showa, Neru, Helen Keller and the mustache guy, King Karl Gustov. 
Fuji from the Cable Car
Lake Ashi
Shrine & Fuji
Sun behind a Gate
The Sun goes down over Lake Ashi