I have never been so surprised by a city.  Historically known for oppression, I was amazed at how open Beijing now is.  We had no trouble moving about anywhere we wanted, talking to whoever we wanted, (everyone seemed eager to talk to us), and taking pictures of everything.  Karl was able to play guitar just about everywhere we went, everywhere except Tienamen Square, that is.

This is a Pagoda overlooking a lake (duh), in one of Beijing's many parks.

The changing of the guard at Tienamen Square.  It's really a party.

A kid who liked Americans.

The Museum of the People's Revolution.

Inside the museum.

I didn't take this picture.

My excellent tour guide Amber who I met on the street.  She ended up taking the day off of work to practice English and show me around.

Cementing peace and goodwill with a representative of the People's Government.

The site of 1989's democracy demonstrations, Tienamen Square.

Karl whips out the guitar in the square.

A crowd gathers.

The cops get a whiff of it.

Karl negotiates.

An agreement resulting in the end of Rock and Roll at Teinamen Square is reached.



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